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2017 Mid-Atlantic Kinderfest

June 3, 2017

at Germania Park, Dover, NJ
Hosted by
Edelweiss Passaic


The members of Edelweiss Passaic are excited and proud to be hosting the upcoming Mid-Atlantic Kinderfest on June 3, 2017 at Germania Park, Dover, NJ. We anticipate welcoming over 300 children and their families from the various German dance clubs in the Mid-Atlantic region; New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Washington, DC, to this fun filled and culture sharing event. The purpose of Kinderfest is to foster and promote the heritage and culture of Bavaria and other regions of Germany. An added benefit for the attending children is to meet other children their own age, share in the cultural experience, and potentially form friendships that may last a lifetime.

The day will begin with a parade of all the participating children followed by national anthems and a group picture. Onlookers will admire the talents of each of the Kindergroups from the attending dance clubs as they perform a folk dance or Schuhplattler. In addition to the cultural activities, carnival style games, crafts, and other activities will be enjoyed by the children throughout the day. 

Photos of prior Mid-Atlantic Kinderfests.  Dance performances by participating groups.

There is no admission charge to attend. Every participating child receives a complimentary lunch, commemorative pin and a gift. Therefore, all funds to run the affair must be raised through the host club.  Fundraising efforts are underway and donations are always welcomed.  For any additional information or to find out how to make a donation please email 

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Edelweiss Passaic is happy to accept donations to support the 2017 Mid-Atlantic Kinderfest .
Checks made payable to Edelweiss Passaic can be sent to:

Edelweiss Passaic
5 Donna Lane
Midland Park, NJ   07432

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About Edelweiss Passaic

Edelweiss Passaic is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the heritage and culture of Bavaria, as well as other regions of Germany, Austria and other European countries, by promulgating and performing dances, costumes, music, folklore, drama as well as literary and other art work of Bavarian, German, Austrian and European traditions . We will be celebrating our 60th Anniversary in 2017.



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